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— or Yahoo or Hotmail for that matter. We all see it, people, especially solopreneurs, using Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts for business — even people who have websites with private domains seems to use them too... and they wonder why they don't get taken seriously!

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To some people, no one clicks on the ads which appear on the web. Funny enough, most people who click on ads don’t even know they are clicking on ads.  The underlying truth is that people click on ads. Google and other ad networks generate so much revenue from the ads which are clicked and

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You may be curious about the ads you’ve seen in your Facebook News Feed, desktop feed or mobile feed, or you may be considering diversifying your current digital marketing strategy to incorporate paid Facebook ads. Or maybe you are already using Facebook advertising in your business.

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The most important phase of doing business online and getting online presence is to brand your business and let it look professional. One of the biggest problems usually faced in starting a business online is the lack of resources, such as putting up a standard website for your business

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